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You find yourself locked in a library after hours, but something doesn't seem right. You feel like someone or something is watching your every move. The candles lighting the building keep mysteriously extinguishing, you feel like something bad will happen if you let them all go out. Can you keep the candles lit while solving the puzzle to escape the library? Or will you fall victim to the thing that lives in the dark?

|| Credits ||


Kylar Black

Level Designer and Programmer

Rose Wang


Jake Sullivan

UI Designer and Programmer


Rylie Parker

UI, 3D Environment, 3D Characters, and Lighting Artist


LD 51 It Hides n the Dark.zip 254 MB


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I'm usually not too fond of puzzles in horror games, but this one was an exception. Things felt just right when solving and the darkness creeping in wasn't overly invasive. I really enjoyed this one, good stuff !

I made a video on your game if you would like to watch :)